Today, more than ever, procurement has a vital role to play in supporting and strengthening our public sector.

As the UK’s biggest public procurement organisation and one of the biggest buyers of gas and electricity in the UK, we’re here to help you maximise every pound, save time and redirect precious resources where they’re needed most.

From specialist energy consultancy and advisory services to low carbon technologies, we’re committed to procuring the services you need to help with your contribution towards Net Zero.

Watch our short film to find out how we bring power to your procurement.

Energy Trading

Our traders transact energy in the wholesale market participating alongside the largest participants in the UK market (generators, energy companies, financial players) with no contractual or transactional premiums charged. We transact across all market quoted timeframes (up to four years ahead) to risk manage energy price exposure for the public sector customer base. The price we buy through the market is the price our customers pay for the energy component of their final bill.

We’ve explained how this works alongside your energy product in our Energy Trading video.

Risk Governance


CCS employs a robust Risk Management framework to oversee its trading activities undertaken on behalf of customers. The Risk Management framework comprises daily, weekly and monthly assessments of CCS's position of various risk metrics by an experienced risk management team.

On a quarterly basis, these controls (in addition to the trading strategy) are reviewed by a panel of customer representatives supported by an independent market expert with many years of experience in the energy industry. The risk management strategy and governance arrangements are regularly reviewed to ensure they are fit for purpose and first class.



Being part of CCS provides a knowledgeable, enthusiastic and aligned team of customer service executives who will have regular contact with you to assist in the management of your portfolio. The team will act as an escalation point should you have any issues while using our framework agreements.

  • Management and delivery of value for money through fully compliant energy framework agreements
  • Management of customer issues. Acting as an escalation point and working with suppliers to resolve any issues that may arise
  • Contract management and supplier performance management against defined agreement terms and key performance indicators
  • Development of a wide range of communications including monthly market reports, bi-annual budget forecast report, reconciliation reports and CCS newsletters

Energy Development


The Development team is entirely focused on reducing energy spend for its current and future customers. We do this through the procurement of goods and services that lead to a reduction in energy consumption and spend, lowering bills for customers.

The procurement of energy saving goods and services will include:

  • Demand Side Response – to access the national grid schemes;
  • On-site Generation (solar PV, biomass, etc.) – to self-supply and reduce carbon footprint;
  • Automatic Monitoring & Targeting – to provide definitive data with which to analyse and target consumption patterns;
  • Efficient Outside/Street Lighting – to reduce energy spend for a necessary asset;
  • Energy Savings Performance Contracts – to provide fully funded energy conservation measures (LED lighting, HVAC, etc.) that reduce consumption whil e providing a guarantee on energy savings.

The aim with all of these, is as always, to secure natural aggregation benefits, viable commercial solutions, clear economies of scale, savings and service excellence for the customer, which are the backbone of the CCS Energy Development offering.


    Your product options

    CCS is able to purchase your gas and electricity (half-hourly and non half-hourly) requirements through several purchasing strategies depending on your risk appetite. You are able to choose from:

    • Locked Product (6-22 month purchase window, completed prior to contract start) 100% of the energy requirements will be purchased in the months prior to the start of the delivery period. Your price is known early into the supply period providing budget certainty for the duration.
    • Variable Product (18-42 month purchase windows, both before and during delivery period) This exposes the customer to a longer purchase window in which to both spread risk and take advantage of opportunities in the market. 

    Our dedicated team of industry specialists are on hand throughout the procurement process helping you save time, energy and money, so you can put more focus on your organisations’ needs.

    Start reducing your energy consumption, carbon and costs with us today.