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Claiming credits

From time to time your account may hold a credit balance due to new data received. In these instances you will either receive a re-bill for a period already invoiced, or have a credit adjustment applied to your next invoice. These measures ensure that your account is accurate and that any balance due to you is returned.

If you have credit on your account(s)

If you have more than one site invoiced by EDF Energy, we will consider all balances prior to any refund being issued. Energy use must have been charged on actual readings for credit to be refunded. We will take these steps to ensure this is the case:

  • Ensure the billing is correct to the best of our knowledge, limiting the risk of a failure of a future correction for the same invoice period
  • If you have more than one site we’ll confirm the balances of all supplies and if applicable issue a refund in your company name. You will have the option to offset the credit against debt across your portfolio
  • If you’d prefer to keep your site payments separate, and not combine all site balances, please contact us on the numbers below. We will require payments for any sites with overdue debt before any remaining credit balance will be refunded

Contacting us about your credit balance

If you would like to speak to use about payment or claiming any credit, please call 0845 300 490(1)