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Metering and Data

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How does my data get from my meter to EDF?

In the electricity journey from the power station to your bill, there are 3 key parties involved in ensuring your data gets to us so that you get accurate bills:

  1. Local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) - 
    They register your property on the electricity system and they give you a Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN).
  2. Meter Operator (MOp)
    They install and maintain your meter.
  3. Data Collector
    They read your meter and send your consumption data to us (your supplier) so we can generate your bill.

We bill around 99% of the electricity our customers use with Half Hourly meters on actual data. But it's worth understanding the causes of estimates and rebills so we can fix them faster.

The 2 main reasons for you receiving an estimated bill is a fault with your meter, or a fault with the data getting to us. When the data unexpectedly stops - we need to send the Meter Operator out to find the fault and repair it. During this time the Data Collector may visit to read your meter manually.

Another problem is rebills (when we send a new bill to replace an existing bill). The most common reason is due to revised data coming to us from the Distribution Company, the Meter Operator, or the Data Collector. For instance the Meter Operator may have replaced a fauly meter and we receive new readings, or the Data Collector may have found an error and send us new data which we would then use to create a replacement meter for you.


What are the metering charges on my Non Half-Hourly (NHH) bill?

There are charges in relation to the running and maintaining of your Non Half-Hourly (NHH) meter(s). These come from your appointed metering agents, and we work closely with them to make sure that any inherited costs are validated and passed through via your supply invoice in an accurate and clear manner. Your agents are:

  • Your Meter Operator (MOp) - responsible for installation and ongoing maintenance of your meter
  • Your Data Collector (DC) - responsible for collection of meter readings and consumption data. They will send EDF your NHH billable volume on a monthly basis
  • You Meter Asset Provider (MAP) - owns your meter. If you’ve purchased your meter at the point of installation, then you’ll be your own MAP. Otherwise the company who owns the meter will be the MAP and will charge you a rental fee.

You can choose to purchase your meter and take a contract out directly with your preferred MOp and DC. This will allow you to agree and fix costs and service levels, and pay the agents directly. If you choose this approach, you won’t see any NHH metering costs on your EDF supply invoice.

If you do not contract and pay your agents directly, and you rent your meter, EDF will inherit the meter rental, meter operator and data collection costs on your behalf from the appointed agents. We’ll group these costs together and apply as a total value to your supply invoices. This charge will be displayed as a single line item on your supply invoice and be titled either NHH metering charge or AMR charge. It’s important to know in this case because you have not fixed the costs with your preferred agents, they could fluctuate.

If you need to find out who your agents are and who owns your meter, we can look this up for you. Just raise a query on MyBusiness.

A bit more about your Meter Operator (MOp)

Your MOp is responsible for fitting, operating and maintaining your meters. So if something goes wrong, you can be sure that your meters can be fixed quickly and properly to limit disruption to your business.

What a MOp does:

  • Identify the right meter technology for your sites (for import or export metering)
  • Fit your chosen meters
  • Health and safety or cosmetic meter re-sites
  • Maintain your meters throughout their lifecycle.
  • Ensure your consumption data is being sent regularly and reliably, so you’re billed accurately and only pay for what you use.
  • Manage your existing metering assets and upgrade where and when needed
  • Make sure your meters are compliant.

Distribution Network Operators

If you would like to enquire about a service provided by your electricity distributor, please contact them using the details in the Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) look-up table.

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