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We know you've got a lot to do, and there are only so many hours in the day.

That's why on this page you'll find links to all the major forms, information and processes you'll need,
as well as MyBusiness where you can manage your account.



Log in to MyBusiness to view bills, monitor your energy consumption and raise queries. 

Billing and payments

We're here to make CCS members' lives easier. For extra support with your bills or payments, you'll find it here.

Review your Maximum Import Capacity

It's important to know you've set this as the right amount so you aren't overpaying for capacity you're not using, or regularly incurring "Excess Capacity" charges for exceeding it.

Supply connections

Adding to your site list, applying for a new connection or disconnecting a supply - here's how to let us know.

Moving location

If you’re moving in, moving out, or taking over a location, here's what you need to do to let us know.

Smart and AMR metering

We've put together information to explain the benefits of smart, as well as understanding the differences between smart and AMR, the installation process, what happens with the data, and energy efficiency tips.

Market Insight Triad service

To manage the huge demand on the network during the Triad periods, the National Grid imposes a charge. Reduce your consumption during a Triad and you'll make savings. However, increase your consumption and it could impact your budget.