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Clean energy – how do you buy yours?

By Market Insight Team | Posted July 03, 2019

Looking for more green kudos for your organisation’s energy purchases? If you’re not already, you may soon be.

2019 kicked off a resurgence in public awareness and interest in environmental issues. Think Extinction Rebellion, Greta Thunberg, David Attenborough (and now Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall) on plastics, and the UK’s new Net Zero 2050 legally-binding target.

Sooner or later, this will feed through to higher expectations for organisations to up their game on reducing carbon emissions.

For energy buyers (and the energy brokers who advise them), specifying clean energy sources for their organisation's electricity supply is an obvious way to contribute to their organisation's environmental performance.

But how?

Because the range of clean energy contracting options has exploded too. So now energy buyers need to work out which way of sourcing clean energy matches their objectives and their resources.

Resources? Well yes. Some clean energy purchasing strategies – like Corporate PPAs – give top notch green credentials, but they are lengthy to set up and technically complex. 

Gen up with this free webinar

If you’re looking at whether a Corporate PPA is right for your organisation, check out this webinar:

EDF Energy’s Corporate PPA guru, Andy Peyman, will share

  • hard-won insights on what it takes to set up and run these contracts
  • 6 criteria all energy buyers should use to work out the most optimum clean energy sourcing approach to fit their objectives. 

Andy manages EDF Energy’s PPA Origination team and has been instrumental in building EDF Energy’s Corporate PPA capability.

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