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EDF leading the way to support new renewable assets to help Britain achieve Net Zero.

By Market Insight Team | Posted January 05, 2021

Britain can’t achieve Net Zero without supporting the development of the renewable sector. That’s why EDF are investing in new renewable assets as well as working with independent generators to help build the future capacity we need to help Britain achieve Net Zero. 

Despite the challenges we have all faced this year, EDF has continued to drive forward innovation in partnership with independent developers of new unsubsidised generation assets, building stronger relationships to support a green recovery that will help Britain achieve its Net Zero target. 

The EDF PPA team understands the complexity of optimising the PPA revenue from operational assets as well as the contracting hurdles to developing new renewable projects. EDF manages over 4,000MW of generating capacity across several hundred contracts with independent generators. The EDF PPA team is always on hand to apply this knowledge and innovation within the electricity market to support you by providing a straight forward and seamless route to market.



We embrace the need to be more inventive and are continuously investing to advance the services we offer to help Britain achieve Net Zero.


  • Our flexibility platform Powershift enables us to optimise value for your flexible asset via access to the prompt market, the balancing mechanism and various other grid services. Powershift also allows us to pass over the keys to generators who want a high degree of market access but would prefer to optimise their own output themselves through our Trading Service PPA. 
  • Our latest Live Pricing Portal allows us to offer live broker screen prices showing the best bid and offer across the UK power and gas curves. You’ll be able to see the same price traders see in real-time.
  • We offer flexible PPA structures allowing you to choose the amount of risk you take which also will provide you with the certainty and clarity you need to reach financial close
  • We operate an industry leading trading service through our dedicated customer trading desk providing a route to both short and long-term price fixing.


Broadening our partnership portfolio

We continue to broaden our partnership portfolio supporting unsubsidised renewable generation assets.


  • EDF are supplying Tesco with the output from several new and unsubsidised renewable assets through corporate PPA arrangements. EDF will provide a balancing service to manage the output and facilitate a seamless process to match Tesco’s exact electricity demand.
  • EDF worked with Lightsource bp to devise a bankable PPA to develop a new 43.2MW unsubsidised solar farm. The 5-year agreement incorporates EDF’s market leading Trading Service and crucially provides Lightsource bp with the tools it needs to track and trade volumes to optimise revenue and satisfy lender requirements. 


Corporate PPAs

EDF has facilitated more than 700GWh per annum of Corporate PPA volumes. We understand the complexity and help generators and corporate navigate through it to devise the right solution for them. 


Contract management team

EDF have a dedicated contract management team who are responsible for supporting all our generators on every step on the way throughout the life of a PPA. They provide a personal point of contact for the day-to-day operation of your contract from on-boarding to payment and every activity in between. The contract management team are only a telephone call away from answering any PPA queries.

EDF supports the expansion of the renewable sector. That’s why we continue to invest in new renewable assets as well as work with independent generators to help build the future capacity needed to help Britain achieve Net Zero.

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