2023 Event Content

With a new year comes a fresh look ahead. We've updated your events hub to include a look at upcoming events and provide a view of previous webinars and videos that are available for you anytime on demand.

Because you're busy, and taking time out to learn about the energy industry can be hard to fit in, we'll keep this page up to date with digital events and updates. That way you won't miss out on important changes and things that will impact you.

Webinars to watch on demand


Monitor Explained

We're talking non-energy costs (NEC's).
With the release of our latest Monitor edition, Sam Andrews takes a deeper dive into the report and shares details on how the latest non-energy costs impact organisations. Click the image to play the video.

2022 Energy Policy and Strategy

An overview of 2022 and insight into what to expect in 2023 including nucear, renewables and the current market crisis. Hosted by Rebecca Beresford, Director of Net Zero Strategy and Policy.

Catch up on explainer guide videos

Your guide to smart and AMR meters

  • What are smart meters. and how are they different to AMR?
  • What are the benefits of having one?
  • Who can have one?
  • FAQs and Mythbusting

Understanding the three types of non-energy costs (NECs)

A change in any of these costs will impact your electricity invoice. Check out our guide to understand more about the non-energy costs on your bill.

Net Zero

Tony Fahey, CCS.

Key learning points:

  • Our Carbon Net Zero customer survey findings,
  • What we expected to hear and what we learned,
  • How EDF and CCS can help you with energy solutions.

What does normal look like for 2022 and beyond?

Key learning points:

  • Making your winter energy plan.
  • Creating an energy strategy for flexible working arrangements.
  • How to prepare for 2022.
  • Key changes to be aware of.