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Looking back and moving forwards

By Vicki Evans, Strategic Account Manager | Posted December 09, 2015

I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that has helped us to make 2015 our most engaging yet.  We started the year with significant changes for us at EDF Energy when we introduced our new Customer Management system.  We know that for some of you that caused a few headaches and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you again for the patience that you have shown.  I’m proud to confirm that we have returned to Business as Usual. 

What was new in 2015

In 2014 you told us that it would be easier if everything you needed to know was in one place and in simple language. We rose to the challenge and in June re-launched your membership website with better functionality and new content to help you better Manage Understand and Save.  You can now request a Personalised Savings Plan, contact our Energy Services team, register to attend webinars and events and much more.  The feedback we’ve received so far has been great but we can always use more.

Recognising that you need easy, low cost ways to get information from us, in 2015 we also launched a series of webinars. I am absolutely delighted that throughout the year we ran over 25 webinars ranging from How to Maximise Savings within your organisation to Understanding your Invoice.  Over 250 of you attended and we really feel like you’ve been with us every step of the way. A special thank you to those who completed our feedback forms – over whelming responses saying that the webinars were useful but also some great insight to help us create an even better suite of webinars next year.

You may have also attended one of our events in Birmingham or London were we introduced some activities for you to get involved with, hoping that this opportunity would give you a chance to network with other CCS members.  The feedback we received from you was great, 100% saying that the event was useful. So yes, we will continue to give you opportunities to share stories, problems with other members in 2016.   If you weren’t one of our members that came along then don’t worry we are already planning the events for 2016 and we’ll do our best to make sure you get a place

In 2014 we set ourselves the objective to help all of our CCS members Manage, Understand and Save time, energy and carbon. We’re still very much dedicated to that and always looking for new and better ways to help.

Winter shut down

I’m really hoping that you have a relaxing Christmas organised, you deserve it I’m sure, but as part of the preparation for Christmas shut down please do check that if you have a Building Management System at your sites it's been programmed appropriately for Christmas.  The Carbon Energy Fund suggests that circa 20% of energy can be lost by BMS “tinkering”.  If you wanted to talk to us about this in more detail then just send us a message

Once again a big thank you to you all for being great customers and both me and my team wish you the very best for the festive period and look forward to working together to help you Manage, Understand and Save more in 2016.


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