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The summer season

By Sharon Sage, Relationship Manager | Posted July 27, 2015

Don’t you just love summer? Even if you’re not going away, the warmer weather is always a welcome return.

With August almost here, it is worth bearing in mind some points for the summer shut down, which could help you avoid unnecessary costs through the summer periods when you may have very few people in the office.

Check your Building Management System – do you need lighting on when there is nobody in the building?  

Ask yourself, where do those thermostats need to be set? Judging by the weather so far, I’d say we’ll enjoy a warm and most likely hot summer this year (although I’m not a weather expert), so have a think about turning those dials down!  Did you know that heating can account for up to 60% of total energy use? Yet a large proportion of the energy consumed is wasted due to incorrect settings.

Additionally, air conditioning may not need to run at full capacity in the early evening or at night. Check the times that your equipment is due to go on – can you do anything during this summer period to avoid that pricey 4-7pm period?  

If refurbishment or cleaning is taking place within the holidays, can it be completed before 4 and the DUoS red time band?

Can the school floor be sanded in the morning rather than the late afternoon?

And one last thing, before you leave for your holiday – don’t forget to register for our Briefing event at the Crystal in London on the 24th September, that way you know that your place is secure and it’s one less thing off your list when you return! For more information and to see what you’ll get from the day, take look at our events page.

I hope you all have a nice break and look forward to meeting you at the Crystal in September.

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