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A few words from Sharon

By Sharon Sage, Relationship Manager | Posted June 10, 2015

We'd like to introduce you to members of our team who will act as a unique point of contact to further enhance your experience of being a framework member.

So without further ado ... introducing Sharon Sage.

Hello CCS framework members!

I'm Sharon Sage, I joined EDF Energy in 2006 as a Customer Services Advisor working with Crown Commercial Services Customers (CCS) I progressed to be the Assistant Manager of the CCS team in 2008. I joined Sales Operations in 2012, again looking after CCS.

This role really opened my eyes to how energy is purchased and the many many different factors that have to be included and considered when pricing a contract. My main role was to ensure the completion of the annual pricing rounds, and making sure we hit the KPI’s we have as part of your framework with CCS.

After spending two years working within Operations, I was itching to get back out to see customers, and I am now your Relationship Manager for the CCS team. I have looked after the CCS account from all sides of the business within EDF and also have strong links with CCS, so I am confident that whatever the query – I can’t promise to know the answer immediately, but I will definitely know an expert that will!

I look forward to working with you to get the best out of your Crown Commercial Services membership, and help you where I can.

I hope you make the most out of this new and improved members area – be sure to check out Personalised Savings Plan, Selling and Generating and Market Insight. Pages I found most interesting.

To find out more about me, or to see who else you can contact, please Meet The Team.

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