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Selling and generating energy

Understand your energy

Find your clean energy

Finding the right clean energy option for your business means thinking about which one best fits your business goals and capabilities. 

There’s an easy way to do that: our Clean Energy Selector.

Not happy with the answer? Have another go. Try a few different answers. See where it takes you.


Corporate PPAs explained for energy buyers

Thinking Corporate PPA to hit your renewable energy targets? Here’s what you, as an energy buyer or broker, need to know about these contracts:

  1. Why Corporate PPAs are increasing popular for both energy users and producers
  2. How to decide whether they’re right for you
  3. Pros and cons of different ways to hit your renewables targets
  4. What good PPAs look like: a few PPA case studies
Aspiring generators

Aspiring generators

Getting up to speed: the basics about Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), renewable energy certificates and investment cases.

Fledgling generators

Fledgling generators

Getting it right in the early stages: Power Purchase Agreements, renewable energy certificates and investment cases.

Established generators

Established generators

Exploring more possibilities: considerations for energy generation, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and hedging strategies.

Small scale low carbon generation?

Small scale low carbon generation?

Feed-in tariffs - If your organisation:

  • has on-site generation such as a wind turbine, solar photovoltaic (PV), hydro-electric, anaerobic digestion or a micro CHP generator
  • generates less than 5 MW a year (or 2MW for micro CHP)

More for your power

There's an energy revolution going on right now.

Energy savvy businesses are generating their own electricity and we're getting right behind them - helping them get more for their power.

Trading renewable energy certificates

Understanding the various renewable energy certificates and incentive schemes will help you decide which PPA is best for your business.

Power Purchase Agreements

Whether you generate electricity from wind, solar, biomass, anaerobic digestion, landfill gas, sewage gas, energy from waste, advanced conversion technology or CHP, we have the right PPA for your business.

CCS Framework membership benefits

Crown Commercial Service is delivering value for the nation through outstanding commercial capability and quality customer service. EDF Energy is one of the UK's largest energy companies and the largest producer of low-carbon electricity. Together, we're working to help public sector organisations simplify their energy purchasing, understand the market and save time and money. Find out more