Personalised Savings Plan

96% of Crown Commercial Service Framework members surveyed confirm they are facing energy challenges(1).

Make sure you’re getting the best help and support from us. Ask for your Personalised Savings Plan. It’s quick, easy and free.

Start your journey and get your report which could help you:

  • Cut costs
  • Reduce emissions
  • Generate energy
  • Save time
  • Understand your energy obligations
  • Manage bills, payments, data and more


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What it is Personalised Savings Plan?

If you’re targeted to make energy savings, or maximise your budget to make the most out of your spend, there are a number of solutions you can take advantage of.

Ranging from the simple and straightforward ways of managing your account to becoming a low carbon champion, it can be hard to know where to start and to know what exactly can benefit your organisation.

Don’t waste valuable time searching for solutions and being unsure as to whether you’ve taken advantage of all of our support services. A Personalised Savings Plan is a report that we create following a meeting with yourself and your key stakeholders, where you’ll clearly see the areas you can change.

We’ll work with you to identify energy savings, create a plan and help you implement any initiatives from the simple to the more adventurous. We’ll support you with tools to engage internal teams and bring energy savings to life.

It's another way that we're working with CCS to make sure you get the most value out of your CCS Framework membership.

What is included?

Personalised recommendations are based on a review of:

  • Your property portfolio
  • Your patterns of energy use
  • Your organisation’s overall approach to energy


You’ll learn how to do things like:

  • Quickly reduce specific energy charges such as capacity, distribution and transmission costs
  • Simply manage those time consuming tasks such as invoices, payments and reports
  • Directly reach our experts in energy efficiency and low carbon generation to support your success
  • Effectively engage your stakeholders to make sure they’re on your side
  • Reliably measure results and demonstrate your achievements

Efficiency case studies

See how we've helped CCS members identify savings in their organisation.

Energy saving services

From monitoring your electricity use to ways you can save energy and even generate your own, our experts can help.

Review your capacity

If your sites are using less electricity than they used to we'll help you make sure your Maximum Import Capacity (MIC) is correct.