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Paying bills takes time and time costs money. A Direct Debit saves you both by:

  • Reducing your workload through less admin with no cheques to write and no posting
  • Avoiding late payment interest charges because your bills are always paid on time.

When you pay by Direct Debit, you are protected by a money back guarantee from the bank in the event of any errors.

Alternatively contact us for advice on 0845 300 4904(1) or complete our form and we’ll call you back.


Did you know ...

Paying one bill is estimated to cost organisations between £20 and £50 in administration time. Multiply that by the number of bills you process and it adds up to a lot of cash. Direct Debit is the efficient cost effective alternative.

More detailed pricing

Having more detail on your invoices makes it easier to see where you can make consumption savings. 

All inclusive or Pass-through?

All Inclusive invoices: 

Distribution and transmission costs are included in the featured unit rate.
The actual cost of the energy you use isn’t clear.

Pass-through invoices: 

Distribution and transmission costs are featured separately to your unit rate.
The actual cost of the energy you use is clearer.

Because you can directly influence these costs when managing your consumption, especially at peak times, it’s easier to access higher savings. It's free and simple to switch and you can do this once a year.

To switch you must provide notice at least three months before your next rates are issued.

  • If your new rates are issued each April, please let us know by 1 January.
  • If your new rates are issued each October, please let us know by 1 July.

Understanding your bill

Understanding what makes up your bill helps to manage your consumption and could help cut your energy costs.

There are two sections to your bill:

  1. Billing invoice - This section summarises your account balance and recent charges. It explains what you need to do and by when.

  2. Billing detail - This section details how different charges make up your total bill. You'll see specific metering information, including meter readings your bill is based on.

If you have a specific query about your bill, please call 0845 300 4904.

Watch our handy webinar talking you through the different options for bill formats, consolidated billing and portfolio reporting.

You can choose to receive your bills in your preferred format. Either: 

  • paper bills
  • electronic files
  • pdf invoices

Electronic files are sent in MM format and can be uploaded directly into your validation systems. Or you can view them on our free e-bill reader software, which configures the data into a readable excel format and provides you with a variety of reports to view the data. You can order eBilling through MyBusiness.

Paying the right amount of Value Added Tax (VAT) is fundamental for any business. You may be eligible for the reduced rate of VAT if you meet certain criteria.

VAT will normally be charged at the standard rate if the energy you use is solely for business or non-domestic purposes. VAT, which is also applied to Climate Change Levy, will be added to your bill.

A reduced VAT rate is available through a government concession for ‘low usage’ of electricity and gas. Where applicable, the reduction is applied automatically to your bill. The current low usage thresholds are:

  • Electricity - at or below 33 kWh per day during the bill period 
  • Gas - at or below 145 kWh per day during the bill period.

If use is wholly or partly for domestic or charitable non-business purposes, that part of the supply qualifies for the reduction. This is known as ‘qualifying use’. You will need to complete a VAT Certificate of Declaration (for each account) advising us of the qualifying use.

Where there is 60% or more qualifying use (either domestic or charitable non-business), the whole of the supply is chargeable at the reduced rate of VAT. Your VAT Certificate of Declaration should, however, reflect your best estimate of the actual percentage of qualifying use. As per HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) guidelines.

Learn more about the government’s VAT guidelines.


The easy way to manage your energy account online

  • Easy account management
  • Electronic invoices
  • Online query management
  • Immediate access to your data
  • Advanced search

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