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Why choose a zero carbon supply?

Does your organisation follow global best practice and report its carbon emissions using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (The GHG Protocol)? Then your choice of electricity supply can make a big difference to the numbers you report. Choosing a renewable energy supply will allow your organisation to report zero carbon emissions for its electricity use. This is particularly important if you have corporate social responsibility ambitions to join strategic initiatives like the RE100*. 


How our renewable supply options compare with our Zero Carbon for Business and standard offers

Modern carbon reporting standards encourage businesses to use their choice of electricity supply to support their environmental commitments.

We offer three electricity source choices:


Backed by all electricity generation technologies from lower carbon renewables and nuclear, to higher carbon coal and gas.


Backed by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) or GoOs (Guarantee of Origin).

Zero Carbon for Business

Backed by zero carbon nuclear generation (formerly Blue for Business).

How does Zero Carbon for Business work?

  1. Energy sources
    Electricity is generated from a variety of sources, including zero carbon nuclear power.
  2. National Grid
    Electricity is then transmitted through the National Grid and through your local distribution network.
  3. Your organisation
    Then we supply the electricity to your organisation

We can't identify what particular type of energy generation source your electricity is coming from. That's why we match the electricity we estimate your business has used from a zero carbon source. In this case, that's nuclear.

Our renewable supply options

With 598MW of installed renewable generating capacity, EDF Group is one of the largest renewable generators in Europe. We operate 31 wind farms in the UK with 8 more on the way. We are also a major purchaser of renewable electricity from many independent renewable generators in the UK.

  • Renewable for Business
    Electricity backed by UK REGOs or European GoOs, from a blend of sources including hydro, wind, solar, biomass and landfill gas.
  • Clean Renewable
    Electricity generated in the UK from clean renewable sources. That's wind, solar and/or hydro, and backed by REGOs. 
  • Select Renewable
    If you want your electricity supply sourced from a particular renewable technology or from a geographic region, our Select Renewable option gives you the flexibility, offering a strong sustainability message.

To give you added confidence, the Carbon Trust has assured that electricity supplied for the year ended 31st March 2021 under the following products - Renewable for Business, Select Renewable, Clean Renewable and UK Renewable - all of which are under the umbrella of "Renewable tariffs" is 100% covered by Renewable Certificates that have been obtained and retired by EDF, in line with the WRI GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance (2015).

You can download our report and finding of the Carbon Trust at


PPAs - Selling and Generating Energy

ROCs & REGOs - trading energy certificates

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Crown Commercial Service is delivering value for the nation through outstanding commercial capability and quality customer service. EDF Energy is one of the UK's largest energy companies and the largest producer of low-carbon electricity. Together, we're working to help public sector organisations simplify their energy purchasing, understand the market and save time and money. Find out more