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Welcome to EDF

We want to make managing your energy with EDF as easy as possible.

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Let's get you up and running!

Welcome to Club CCS!

We're delighted to welcome you - our new customers who have recently joined from British Gas, alongside existing customers who transferred their NHH portfolio to EDF.

Save this site to your favourites - it's your energy resource centre to find everything you need to manage your account.

There's also loads of information here to get you started.

Where to start

Get the most from MyBusiness

Whether you are new to EDF or an existing customer, MyBusiness is the easiest and fastest way to manage your accounts. 


  • Everything's in one place - view and download all your invoices, billing activity, accounts and MPANs
  • It's easy to use - clear, handy dashboard displaying up-to-date accurate consumption data
  • Save time - submit single or multiple meter readings at one time

Have you submitted your forms?

Not all data will automatically transfer in the change of supply process, so you'll need to submit the following:

Getting to grips with your new bill

One of the first hurdles will be getting to know your new bill format. There are two sections to your bill:

  • Billing invoice - This section summarises your account balance and recent charges. It explains what you need to do and by when.
  • Billing detail - This section details how different charges make up your total bill. You'll see specific metering information, including meter readings your bill is based on.

We've done our best to make our bills easy to read, but just in case -

Here's our handy interactive bill guide

Is your billing set up how you like it?

  • Payment method
    Would you prefer being on Direct Debit?

  • Consolidated Billing
    Do you require consolidated billing?

  • Bill Format
    What Bill formats would you like to receive your invoices in?

Understanding metering roles & costs

Watch the video to hear Tamzin talk to you about Non-Half-Hourly (NHH) metering charges for AMR and NHH non-AMR meters, and how they're displayed on your bill. If you'd like to know more about SMETs or AMR meters, you can see it on our Smart metering page.

We work closely with your appointed metering agents to make sure that any inherited costs are validated and passed through via your supply invoice in an accurate and clear manner. Your agents are:

  • Your Meter Operator (MOp) - responsible for installation and ongoing maintenance of your NHH meter
  • Your Data Collector (DC) - responsible for collection of meter readings and consumption data. They will send EDF your NHH billable volume on a monthly basis
  • You Meter Asset Provider (MAP) - owns your meter. If you’ve purchased your meter at the point of installation, then you’ll be your own MAP. Otherwise the company who owns the meter will be the MAP and will charge you a rental fee.

You can choose to purchase your meter and take a contract out directly with your preferred MOp and DC. This will allow you to agree and fix costs and service levels, and pay the agents directly. If you choose this approach, you won’t see any NHH metering costs on your EDF supply invoice.

If you do not contract and pay your agents directly, and you rent your meter, EDF will inherit the meter rental, meter operator and data collection costs on your behalf from the appointed agents. We’ll group these costs together and apply as a total value to your supply invoices. This charge will be displayed as a single line item on your supply invoice and be titled either NHH metering charge or AMR charge. It’s important to know in this case because you have not fixed the costs with your preferred agents, they could fluctuate.

If you need to find out who your agents are and who owns your meter, we can look this up for you. Just raise a query on MyBusiness.

How to use this site

We've broken down this site into 4 main sections:


  • the latest energy industry news and updates,
  • our monthly regulatory reports and quarterly non-energy cost reports,
  • interactive live and on-demand webinars and virtual events delivered by our team of experts.


Here you'll find tools and resources to manage your account, including:

  • MyBusiness,
  • guides to your bill,
  • forms for site additions, new connections and moving property,
  • and more!


We know energy can be complex. That's why we've developed a series of educational pages that talk you through metering, wholesale and non-energy costs, Power Purchase Agreements, and so much more. All available for you to check out in your own time and build your energy knowledge.

Net Zero

There's never been a more urgent time to start your Net Zero journey

But it's not something you have to do alone. We're happy to help. Wherever you are on the road to reducing your carbon emissions, check out our resources.


CCS Framework membership benefits

Crown Commercial Service is delivering value for the nation through outstanding commercial capability and quality customer service. EDF Energy is one of the UK's largest energy companies and the largest producer of low-carbon electricity. Together, we're working to help public sector organisations simplify their energy purchasing, understand the market and save time and money. Find out more