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Ancillary services

Lot 1 of the RM6011 framework goes way beyond the supply of power.

A number of ancillary services are built in to your agreement with CCS and provide easy access to a wealth of innovative energy solutions. These additional service offerings are fully incorporated in to RM6011 making procurement and call-off much simpler and fully OJEU compliant.

These solutions are designed to help you reduce and control your energy consumption and costsTake a look below as we walk you through the different solutions available to you:

Complimentary Services

As an EDF customer through the CCS framework, you have access to a number of complimentary services in addition to those in the framework.

These can be requested directly from your Account Manager.

We can provide bespoke analysis and reporting to demonstrate where excess capacity is being charged in your portfolio.


Benefit to you:

Removal of unnecessary maximum capacity allocations avoids unnecessary charges so you can invest in other efficiency measures.

We offer customised Time of Day tariff structures to help you

ensure cost avoidance is maximised; particularly for Distribution and Transmission charges as well as for ‘peak’ wholesale energy.


Benefit to you:

Time of Day tariffs can offer cost avoidance opportunities to reduce your DUoS and TNUoS charges; helping you to manage your energy budget.

EDF will provide bespoke reporting to indicate to you when you could shift electricity consumption out of DUoS
‘Red Band’ charging times.


Benefit to you:

Can assist you with your load shifting and demand planning, which can result in a saving in DUoS charges; lowering your energy bills.

EDF issues ~30 warnings each year to help you avoid transmission charges, indicating a ‘medium’ or ‘high’ chance of a triad in a single HH period.


Benefit to you:

Can assist you with load shifting and demand planning, which can result in TNUoS cost avoidance; lowering your energy bills.

Site Works and Installation Services

Benefits to You:

As your energy supplier we can offer you a simplified process and ensure your connection is managed from start to finish; including supporting you with advice and Distribution Network Operator (DNO) engagement. We can also arrange the appropriate metering to be provided through our in-house metering specialists.

Surveying Services

Understanding your metering infrastructure and ensuring that it is fit for purpose and supports your business operations has never been more important. Our engineers can also survey your site and provide you with a comprehensive report with recommendations covering:

  • Metering strategy
  • Identify remedial works required
  • Metering upgrades
  • System safety

If you’re unsure how to get a new electricity supply, let us explain… we’ll make it quick, simple and hassle-free.

Whether you’re looking for a permanent or temporary electricity connection, you need to know who to talk to, what to do – and, importantly, in what order. 

Meter operator services

Benefit to You:

AMR removes the need for you to spend time manually recording and submitting meter reads, freeing you up to concentrate on your core operations.

It enables accurate and timely invoicing and helps you to analyse usage and identify opportunities for efficiency; putting you in control of your consumption and empowering you to make positive energy management decisions.

You’ll have full access to your consumption data via the MyBusiness portal.

Your Meter Operator (MOp) is responsible for fitting, operating and maintaining your meter(s). So if something goes wrong, you can be sure that your meters can be fixed quickly and properly to limit disruption to your business.

EDF provides a full range of metering solutions including Half Hourly, Automated Meter Reading (AMR) and Smart metering.

Our dedicated team is on hand to oversee the whole metering process from initial sign up to contract renewal, ensuring it runs as seamlessly as possible.

More and more organisations are taking action to mitigate their environmental impact on the road to net zero, through a variety of direct and indirect methods.

As part of a well designed net zero strategy, good quality offsets provide an excellent option to help worthwhile causes whilst progressing on your journey to net zero.

Examples of where good quality offsets offer a useful carbon management tool include:

  • Offsetting your organisation's carbon footprint whilst you implement medium to long term, physical carbon reduction solutions
  • When you have implemented all means to reduce or remove emissions from your activities, you may still need to offset your residual carbon footprint.

    Our portfolio includes projects that are registered under the 3 main internationally recognised standards in the voluntary carbon markets:

    These standards assure that emission reductions are actually taking place. They also highlight individual project benefits whilst ensuring that the project is real, verified, permanent, and additional.

    Carbon credits come from a wide range of project types located in different countries around the world. Typical project types include:

    Community-based impact

    • Efficient cook stoves
    • Water purification
    • Efficient lighting

    Renewable Energy

    • Hydropower
    • Geothermal energy
    • Wind power
    • Solar power
    • Biomass

    Nature Based Solutions

    • Afforestation
    • Reforestation
    • Avoided deforestation
    • Avoided forest degradation

    Waste Recovery & Efficiency

    • Methane capture and conversion to electricity
    • Anaerobic digestionof wastewater, coupled with electricity generation
    • Cogeneration with biomass and biofuels
    • Waste heat recovery

    Procuring your Ancillary Services

    As an OJEU compliant framework, procuring services is made simple through the included call-off contract.

    • Schedule 4 details the services available within the Framework.
    • Schedule 2b contains the order form / model contract.


    Complying with your organisation’s internal procurement rules

    Whilst the Framework makes it easy to call off works in a compliant manner, please ensure your internal finance and commercial stakeholders are on board with any procurement project via RM6011.

    Please consult internal commercial and finance stakeholders to make sure you are fully compliant with your own organisational procurement rules. 


    Financing your projects

    Various grant funding and finance schemes exist from for those lacking the in-house investment capability deliver projects. Services can be found via the GOV.UK business finance and support finder.