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Energy Bills Discount Scheme - Extra help for business customers 

The government have created various rebate schemes to support businesses across the UK with the cost of energy bills. They include the latest, which is the Energy Bills Discount Scheme.

We've created a dedicated page to provide you with  more information on the scheme.

TRIADS 2022/2023 - What it means for your organisation

The National Grid Electricity System Operator has confirmed the winter period Triad peaks for 2022/23.

In our latest Talk Power blog from our Market Insights team, we explain what TRIADS are, and how they may affect your business. EDF successfully predicted and issued alerts for 2 out of the 3 triads. Any customers who receive Triad alerts via Market Insight will have benefitted from our forecast.


Getting to Grips with Targeted Charging Review (TCR)

In this video we explain the impact of the Targeted Charging Review, which has come to the end of its stages from April 2023. .Click the image to play the video.

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Monitor explained - Issue 1

March 2023
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Power Market - A look at Q1 

February 2023
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April 2023 Prices Explained

In this video, Brian Landau takes a look at what influences your prices and provides a walk through of the ''prices Explained' guide for April 2023. Click the image to play the video.


CCS Site Additions

Do you want to understand more about the EDF and CCS site addition process? In this short explainer video, we make it simple by guiding you through what a site addition is, when it's required, how you set one up and how long it takes to get onto the framework. Click the image to play the video.

Benefits of a SMART meter



Why is the industry moving to SMART?​

​It is a regulatory requirement that energy suppliers replace all NHH legacy meters with SMART or AMR by the end of 2025. ​

This is part of the government lead initiative to upgrade the UK’s energy infrastructure. ​

A SMART step to Net Zero ​

​If we’re to reach Net Zero by 2050, it’s essential we transition to a smarter, more efficient and more flexible energy system. ​SMART metering plays a key role in this transition, with the data from SMART meters enabling National Grid to understand how much energy is being used when and where across Great Britain.​ Having this insight means that energy demand can be forecast more accurately, and waste is minimised.​

​SMART meters aren’t only beneficial at an energy system level though.​ Businesses that switch to SMART benefit from improved insights on energy consumption, which can drive positive changes for both the environment and your bottom line.

Want to find out more? Read the blog or visit

Tools to support your business

View your data in MyBusiness

Did you know you can access all of your consumption data in MyBusiness? You can analyse within the platform or download free of charge, making it easy to monitor your usage and gain energy insights.  

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