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Getting it right for Crown Commercial Service

By Sid Cox, Director of B2B | Posted April 24, 2015

They say when things are going right, it’s a good sign that your business is doing what it can to meet its customers’ needs.

One of the UK’s largest electricity supply contracts, Crown Commercial Service (CCS) – the government central buying unit, has once again been renewed with us.

I’m very pleased with this news, as it allows us to continue to do what we do well in meeting the needs of a large complex portfolio of customers, many of whom provide essential public services. Not only that but it provides the opportunity for us to help our public services to become more energy efficient and reduce the UK’s carbon emissions.

Serving the public

EDF Energy has been supplying electricity to thousands of public buildings and sites across local and central government – these include: NHS, Ministry of Defence, London Underground, the Highways Agency, as well as cultural assets like the British Museum and National Gallery.

To give you some context, we’ve been providing the UK government with electricity for quite some time now, notably winning this contract back in 2012. And now we continue offering our support with 9.6TWh per annum across 8,000 sites- that’s enough electricity to power 2.3 million UK residential homes. Part of this new contract also includes us giving CCS and their members expert advice on energy efficiency.

A great privilege and responsibility

2013 saw us enter in a ten year contract to supply Network Rail’s energy – a contract that is already bearing fruit. And we have just had our supply agreement with Scottish Procurement extended by 12 months to 2017. We’re immensely proud to be supporting these essential services, services that tax payers like you and I need, at a controlled cost.

At EDF Energy, we fully understand the impact these contracts have on all of us in the UK. In fact, there’s a good chance the hospitals we visit, the schools our kids go to or even our local council might be powered by EDF Energy.

We feel it’s a great privilege and responsibility to our country in supporting the UK government in fulfilling its energy needs.

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