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Efficiency case studies

Saving your energy

Energy efficiency case studies

Helping members save

Helping members to make savings in their energy costs is a key part of the service Crown Commercial Service offers you through your framework agreement. We've worked with CCS and made sure that all framework members have access to the expertise necessary to help them make sound energy saving decisions.


Getting your energy saving programme started

83% of CCS customers surveyed expect to plan an energy efficiency project in the next 3 years(1).

If you're not sure where to start, we can help in a simple and straight forward way. That's because the framework Crown Commercial Service has in place provides a unique opportunity for its members to achieve sustainable change.

We've asked suppliers like EDF Energy to actively work with our customers to help them save. The EDF Energy team will provide the start point, support you through the investment and measure the success.

Supporting the Welsh Government to achieve Net Zero

For nearly 10 years, EDF, Welsh Government Procurement and Crown Commercial Service have worked together to help public sector bodies throughout Wales benefit from the UK’s biggest public sector energy procurement service.

The framework has a proven track record of providing outstanding value and significant commercial benefits.

Read more on this case study in our latest blog.

Case studies from other CCS members organisations

Savings figures are the estimated savings that could be achieved by implementing the measures recommended in its July 2014 energy audit. Figures assume that all building site energy usage requirements otherwise remain the same, and are based on their energy prices as at the date of the audit. Individual savings may vary.

“After a very thorough audit on site, EDF Energy identified a number of excellent initiatives, providing us with the opportunity to really make a difference to the energy efficiency of our HQ.” Helen Wilson - Sustainability Officer, Greater Manchester Police

  • Estimated annual savings up to £136,000 and 756 tonnes CO2 equivalent
  • 25% possible reduction in energy costs at GMP HQ
  • 1.6 years payback time based on £220k investment. Exceeding customers payback target of 10 years
  • 7 energy conservation measures identified

The University of Exeter – Queen’s Building

“ EDF Energy engagement in the University of Exeter’s Low Carbon Commitment  programme has helped confirm that our ambition for a Low Carbon campus can become a reality." Andy Seaman - Energy Manager

  • 74% possible reduction in energy costs at Queen’s Building
  • 7 energy saving initiatives identified
  • Estimated annual carbon reduction up to 49%
  • 50% carbon savings after only 9 months implementation time

Derbyshire County Council – Matlock

“We’ll certainly be exploring the use of EDF Energy’s online service to further identify ways to save money and carbon. The solutions recommended are well within our ability.” Kathryn Warrington - Carbon and Energy Manager, Derbyshire County Council

  • Estimated annual savings up to £67,000 and 458 tonnes CO2 equivalent 
  • 22% reduction in annual energy bill 
  • Potential annual carbon savings of 24% 
  • 2 year payback period base d on investment of £135k 
  • 11 energy and water saving measures identified

Take your first steps to savings today

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Energy Efficiency Guides and Factsheets

Energy is one area of your budget where you could make some easy – but significant – savings. Our five-step plan will take you through the options available to help you reduce energy and save money.

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Energy saving services

Explore and develop energy solutions that deliver long term value against your organisations sustainable targets.

Personalised Savings Plan

Energy efficiency is one way to make savings - but there's so much more. Get your Personalised Savings Plan started today.

Reduce your capacity charge

Are your sites using less energy then they used to? You could reduce your Maximum Import Capacity (MIC) and make savings.

Online resources available

Are you taking advantage of the online support available to help you reduce your energy spend? From account management to TRIAD reporting, we have the tools to help.

CCS Framework membership benefits

Crown Commercial Service is delivering value for the nation through outstanding commercial capability and quality customer service. EDF Energy is one of the UK's largest energy companies and the largest producer of low-carbon electricity. Together, we're working to help public sector organisations simplify their energy purchasing, understand the market and save time and money. Find out more